Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area

We are currently working on translating the website, but in the meantime, you can find some background information on our organisation and a list of our projects below. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us or +33 (0)2 53 46 60 55. You can also follow us on Twitter @AC3Atlantique

AC3A – about us

AC3A – Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area – is an association which was set up in 1993. Its members are the Chambers of Agriculture from the Atlantic area (currently 28 Chambers).

Its main role is to: Provide the opportunity to the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area to experiment and exchange on a European level about agricultural issues in order to ensure that the sector remains dynamic, innovative and sustainable.

AC3A is:

  • A board composed of the 4 regional Chambers of Agriculture

  • An executive committee composed of the 4 General Secretaries of the regional Chambers of Agriculture

  • A technical committee made up of members of the research and development departments of the 4 regional Chambers of Agriculture

  • A team of project officers based in Nantes and elsewhere in the Atlantic Area

The president and general secretary of AC3A are currently from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

European Innovation & cooperation

The Chambers of Agriculture have a public responsibility to prepare farmers and rural businesses to face today’s most important issues (environment, productivity, policy…).

AC3A’s projects identify and/or develop solutions to support the Chambers in this process, through European cooperation. Also, AC3A shares savoir-faire developed within the Chambers with partners from other European countries.

Through its network of Atlantic Chambers of Agriculture, AC3A, works directly with farmers, agricultural advisers, researchers, policy-makers and entrepreneurs.

European cooperation is central to most of AC3A’s activities.

Our projects

  • AgriDemo-F2F (Horizon 2020): Creation of an interactive FarmDemo Hub to reinforce farmer to farmer learning

  • ALG-AD (Interreg NWE): Creating value from waste nutrients by integrating algal and anaerobic digestion technology

  • BioBase4SME (Interreg NWE): Bio-Innovation Support for Entrepreneurs throughout NWE Regions

  • BIOREGIO (Interreg Europe): Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams

  • Carbon Connects (Interreg NWE): Wetlands as a natural solution against Climate change

  • Detecte (PSDR4): Local economic development, circular economy and transition to renewable energy

  • Eureka (Horizon 2020, RUR-17-2019): Creating an EU-wide agricultural knowledge base – an open source e-platform, called the FarmBook

  • FABulous Farmers (Interreg NWE): Supporting farmers in the transition to more agro-ecological practices on their farms.

  • FAIRshare: (Horizon 2020, RUR-13-2018): Creating and sharing digital innovation tools for agricultural advisory

  • FARMaine (PSDR4): Land management and planning around the Maine

  • Fields (Erasmus+): A strategic vision for professional training in the agricultural sector

  • Food Heroes (Interreg NWE): Innovative solutions to reduce food waste on farm level

  • i2Connect (Horizon 2020, RUR-16-2019): Connecting advisers to boost interactive innovation in agriculture and forestry

  • SFATE (Erasmus+): Smart farm training to boost employment

EIP-AGRI: We are also a member of the consortium of partners which runs the EIP-AGRI Service Point. The EIP-AGRI network is an initiative from the European Commission to boost innovation in agriculture by bridging the gap between research and practice in order to make the sector a more productive and sustainable.