AC3A – about us

AC3A – Association of the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area – is an association which was set up in 1993. Its members are the Chambers of Agriculture from the Atlantic area (currently 28 Chambers).

Its main role is to: Provide the opportunity to the Chambers of Agriculture of the Atlantic Area to experiment and exchange on a European level about agricultural issues in order to ensure that the sector remains dynamic, innovative and sustainable.

AC3A is composed of:

  • A board composed of the 4 regional Chambers of Agriculture in the Atlantic area
  • An executive committee composed of the 4 General Secretaries of the regional Chambers of Agriculture
  • A technical committee made up of members of the research and development departments of the 4 regional Chambers of Agriculture
  • A team of project officers based in Nantes and elsewhere in the Atlantic Area

The president and general secretary of AC3A are currently from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region.

European innovation & cooperation

The Chambers of Agriculture have a public responsibility to prepare farmers and rural businesses to face today’s most important issues (environment, productivity, policy…).

AC3A’s projects identify and/or develop solutions to support the Chambers in this process, through European cooperation. Also, AC3A shares savoir-faire developed within the Chambers with partners from other European countries.

Through its network of Atlantic Chambers of Agriculture, AC3A, works directly with farmers, agricultural advisers, researchers, policy-makers and entrepreneurs.

European cooperation is central to most of AC3A’s activities.


AC3A’s projects cover a wide range of topics. They can be categorised into 4 themes: