Creating value from waste nutrients by integrating algal and anaerobic digestion technology


ALG-AD is is developing a new technology to take excess waste nutrients produced from anaerobic digestion of food and farm waste to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed and other products of value.


AC3A is in charge of the work-package Long Term Effects: the aim of this work package is to facilitate the deployment of the technology which will be successfully demonstrated during the project lifetime. Also, to ensure the environmental and economic effects of the project in North West Europe during and after the project. In order to carry out the deployment of more than 100 AD sites in 5 years after the project and more than 2000 in 10 years after the project, this WP will ensure the connection with a wide number of stakeholders and target groups.

Deliverables (to come)

Development of a process to cultivate and transform algae into ingredients for animal feed; demonstration of the technology at 3 pilot sites; creation of decision support tools for future users.

ALG-AD is funded (60%) by INTERREG Europe du Nord-Ouest.

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