Creating value from waste nutrients by integrating algal and anaerobic digestion technology


ALG-AD worked on a new circular economy solution to take excess waste nutrients produced from anaerobic digestion of food and farm waste to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed and other products of value.


ALG-AD Exhibition at the Derval experimental farm

You can visit the exhibition on microalgae and anaerobic digestion at the experimental farm of Derval in France, near Nantes. This includes panels giving details on topics such as sustainable agriculture and the use of algae and energy autonomy on farms, and it also includes a photo exhibition. 
For those who aren’t able to visit in person, you can also discover it through an audioguide application (available in English and French). And you can also watch a guided visit in the video below:

Decision support tools

The ALG-AD Decision Support Tools can help you to understand and explore how algal cultivation technologies might work for you: 

  • map search tool to locate the anaerobic digestion units listed in the North-West Europe area;
  • document and resources search tool giving access to all the deliverables of the ALG-AD project, as well as to publications on various subjects related to algae, AD, available technologies and current regulations;
  • stakeholder search tool referencing numerous actors in the AD and algae sectors;
  • process pathway tool to evaluate the viability of a photobioreactor installation project according to the particularities of your AD unit and your requirements.

Reports and publications

  • A regulatory review on the use of digestate to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed
  • Policy recommendations for the commercialisation of Alg-AD technology
  • Best practice guidelines for cultivation of microalgae on nutrient rich digestate (parts 1 and 2)
  • Technical report: optimisation of enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Safety analysis: Digestate and algal biomass produced by the three ALG-AD pilots

All available here (in English). 


Many videos have been developed. These include videos about the project’s results, replays of many webinars organised by the project, interviews and many more, To watch them, go to the YouTube channel

One final meeting

In April 2022, AC3A organised the final meeting for this project in Nantes. The partners joined a number of interesting discussions and visits. More info

The information continues

The ALG-AD partners will continue to share information on algae and its use in the circular economy, if you would like to receive this info, subscribe to the newsletter!

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On this page you can find a summary of all of the deliverables. 

ALG-AD ended in July 2022, it was funded (60%) by INTERREG Europe du Nord-Ouest.

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