Regional circular economy models and best available technologies for biological streams


BIOREGIO aims to develop public policies about organic materials in order to create a circular bioeconomy. Knowledge from each partner involved in the project will enable the transfer of expertise: (1) Best available technologies, e.g. bio refinery, biogas production and (2) Cooperation models, e.g. ecosystems, networks, administrative cooperation.


AC3A leads the group of stakeholders from Pays de la Loire in partnership with the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire. The group is involved in the exchange of experience and they participate in meetings with the other European regions of the project. The activities carried out collectively have made it possible to identify good practices linked to the circular bioeconomy in Pays de la Loire and will lead to the development and implementation of a regional action plan to “close” the loop on a local scale and increase the recycling rate of organic materials.


Identification of 7 good practices in Pays de la Loire (FR); Elaboration of a regional action plan; Organisation of 1 interregional event presenting actions in favour of the circular bioeconomy in Pays de la Loire (FR); 1 video on the regional action plan (EN FR).

BIOREGIO is funded (85%) by INTERREG Europe.