A strategic vision on vocational training in the agricultural sector


The objective of the project is to develop the sharing of existing and future knowledge and skills on vocational training in the agriculture sector in the following 3 areas:

 – Digital technologies, digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence. 

– Sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and climate action. 

– Bioeconomy, circular economy and bio-based products.


Establishment of a general view of the agricultural sector labor market in order to define current and future skills needs. An analysis of the state of the art, concerning the content and the European skills transfer instruments (ESCO, ECVET, ECTS), with the creation of a database which will be incorporated into the project website. The project will encourage the participation of stakeholders (focus groups, surveys, analysis of future trends, etc.).

Delivrables (to come)

Training content adapted for apprentices in vocational training in the agricultural sector will also be established, as well as new training content and methodology for trainers in the sector.

Fields is 100% funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

FIELDS project kick-off meeting

FIELDS project kick-off meeting The FIELDS project on the implementation of a strategic agenda on vocational training in agriculture has started on the 3rd and 4th, February, 2020 in Turin,…