FABulous Farmers

Functional AgroBiodiversity (FAB) to reduce use of resources


Agricultural practices have a major impact on the environment (degradation of soils, water pollution, loss of biodiversity), on human well-being and even on agricultural production in the long term. There is an urgent need to increase resource efficiency in agricultural systems in order to make the transition to circular agroecosystems.


FABulous Farmers aims to accelerate the implementation of FAB by farmers and other land managers in NWE. FAB refers to agricultural management practices which improve targeted stimulation of biodiversity to deliver ecosystem services such as pest and disease control, pollination, soil and water quality), drastically reducing needs for external inputs. AC3A is in charge of the long-term work package.

Delivrables (to come)

The project will generate and exchange knowledge and practical experiences on FAB between farmers, scientists, citizens and political decision-makers in order to apply a territorial approach in 12 pilot regions in North West Europe.

FAB solutions in each zone will be developed, tested and evaluated jointly, so that their economic and ecological benefits can be demonstrated in pilot regions, leading to a a rapid and efficient take-up by farmer and land managers in North West Europe.

FABulous Farmers is funded (60%) by INTERREG Europe du Nord-Ouest