New Aquitaine

The Regional Chamber of Agriculture of New Aquitaine

Priorities for the regional chamber

The New Aquitaine region is one of the largest French regions, agriculture is very significant in this region and it produces a very wide variety of products, of which many are under quality labels. The ambitions and priorities of the Regional Chamber of Agriculture defined by the elected officials are: 

  • to reconnect with society and stakeholders thorugh positive communication
  • to support sectors and territories in adapting to climate change by continuing efforts to reduce GHGs and favoring carbon storage in agricultural soils.
  • to develop renewable energies of all forms
  • to develop and carry out a regional protein plan with all economic partners, development and training organisations, and institutes and research
  • to secure access to water resources to guarantee the autonomy of agricultural holdings (irrigation and watering) and actively contribute to preserving its quality, particularly in sensitive areas (water catchments, wetlands, etc.)

Innovation and foresight are privileged means of action to fulfill these ambitions.

European cooperation

The regional chamber of Agriculture New Aquitaine is involved in several Horizon 2020 projects (Landmark, Coastal) and is involved in INTERREG Sudoe projects. In addition, departmental chambers are directly partners or promoters of Interreg, Erasmus or LIFE projects.

To do this, it relies mainly on its organisation within the Atlantic Arc, with AC3A, and at national level with the ‘Unité Mixte de Service Appels à Projets Innovation Europe (UMS APIE)’ set up by APCA and ACTA. It also has set up other partnerships, based on former collaboration.

The Chambers of this region are involved in the following projects with AC3A:

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