Kicking off the projet ICaRE4Farms

ICaRE4Farms (I4F) intends to boost the use of solar thermal energy (STE) in farming in NWE, to contribute to reduce GHG emissions and increase the share of renewable energies, to help the transition to a low-carbon economy and meet the EU 2030 goal of 27% share for RE. STE is an affordable RE to heat water and has a huge potential to replace fossil energies.

The first partner meeting began with visits to 2 farms in the north of France which are using solar thermal energy systems Eco-Thermo Fengtech « ETF » (French company Fengtech) to heat water for animal feed. The visits allowed the partners from UK, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and France to better understand the technology. 

On 12 and 13 March, the consortium met in Lille afin to talk about launching the project and the roadmap for the upcoming years.


More information on the ICaRE4Farms project.

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