Launches funding call for proposals to support digitalization of agriculture across the EU

FAIRShare project launches funding call for proposals to support digitalization of agriculture across the EU.

The FAIRshare (Farm Advisory Digital Innovation Tools Realised and Shared) project includes a mix of advisory services, organisations and research institutions from across the EU, aims to enable a more digitally active farm and farm advisory community by focusing on bridging the digital divide evident between, and within, advisory services.

Initially, FAIRshare will fund 10 UCs (User Cases) up to €90,000 from across Europe to represent different sectors, production systems, regions, and farm advisory contexts. FAIRshare will support each UC by providing €90,000 worth of funding and also via strategic assistance. The funding is not available for the development of new digital tools and services; rather it is for the adoption or adaption of existing DATS (Digital Advisory Tools and Services).

Proposals are now being accepted through a public procurement competition which is divided into four ‘lots’ based upon geographical location Western Europe (France, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal); Central Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech-Republic, Slovakia, Austria); South-Eastern Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece); and North-Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Norway).

The deadline for applications is 14:00 (CET) on Tuesday the 13th of April.

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