Bio-Innovation Support for Entrepreneurs throughout NWE Regions


BioBase4SME offered innovation support services to SMEs and start-ups from the biobased economy in North West Europe. Bioeconomy experts provided advice on how to transform new ideas into real products. This support was offered in the form of: workshops, training, vouchers and biocamps (1-week long seminars).


AC3A organised a training session on social acceptability for businesses in North West Europe and a voucher on the same topic for a Flemish business. AC3A and  the Regional Chamber of Normandy (Nov&atech) organised 3 workshops in the Atlantic regionson: Biobased paint, Farming and the biobased industry in Pays de la Loire and bioplastics. Several French SMEs form Nov&atech’s network were able to benefit from the vouchers, attend workshops, training sessions and biocamps. AC3A developed a guide on social acceptance FR EN.


Supporting a group of farmers launching new markets for hemp (Normandy); launching a new business producing guayule (Pays de la Loire) ; supporting a business’s creating bio-innovations watch the webinar. Training manual on social acceptability FR EN.

BioBase4SME was funded (60%) by INTERREG Europe du Nord-Ouest. The project ended in 2019.