BIOREGIO project selected in the 5th call for projects organised by the Interreg Europe programme

Set up exceptionally in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, this call supports projects already financed by the Interreg Europe programme in order to enable regional development policies to deal with this crisis. Additional activities of the BIOREGIO project will start in September 2021, and will include exchanges of experiences and good practices between the 6 European regions, in order to promote bio-based circular economy and the solutions it brings locally to face this crisis.

The actors of the BIOREGIO project in Pays de la Loire met on 16 September to monitor the implementation of their action plan, and to prepare the new activities that will take place in 2022. Among the themes identified for the exchange of experience and best practices with other European regions: the fight against food waste and food social justice; the management of urban sludge in times of health crisis; the fight against single-use plastic through the development of bio-based solutions.


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