WATCH THE REPLAY | ALG-AD & ReNu2Farm Circular Bioeconomy event

Watch the recording of the ALG-AD & ReNu2Farm event from 9 September 2021


This showcase event focussed on “Circular Bioeconomy: production of recycling-derived fertilisers and algal biomass”, and was organised by the 2 Interreg NWE projects ALG-AD and ReNu2Farm.

During the event, both projects presented their vision, approach and solutions implemented to valorise nutrients from organic waste streams. Challenges and results were discussed as well as the impact of the projects and their potential transferability to other sectors.


Alg-AD creates value from waste nutrient contained in digestate, produced from anaerobic digestion, using it for producing algal biomass for animal feed.

Renu2Farm is designed to increase the recycling rates for the plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus  and potassium in the primary food production chain in North West Europe.

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