On 26 and 27 April 2022, the partners of the Interreg North-West Europe ALG-AD project met for the last time in Nantes to evaluate the overall implementation and share the lessons learned before its closure in summer 2022.

After more than two years of remote meetings, the partners met for a programme rich in exchanges and visits. The first day was dedicated to the presentation of the final results of the project and to the analysis of the successes and challenges encountered during its implementation. The partners brainstormed on the constraints of the ALG-AD technology, mainly regulatory and economic, and how to adapt to them in future projects by exploring new purposes for the valorisation of microalgae, such as biofertilisers and bioplastics, or by using new categories of co-products for cultivation.

On the second day, the project partners and key players in the aquaculture sector in the Pays de la Loire were welcomed to the Derval experimental farm. The various presentations focused on the microalgae roadmap adopted by the Regional Council, on wastewater treatment using microalgae carried out by the company Planctonid, on the Aquagrinergie project which recovers water and industrial waste heat for the cultivation of microalgae, and finally on the company Halieutica, which supports companies in the animal nutrition sector in their efforts to enter the aquaculture markets. The day ended with a visit to the Dana Spirulina farm, which produces organic and local spirulina, and a visit to the AlgoSolis microalgae R&D platform.

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