Restore peatlands : publication of a European methodology towards the certification of carbon credits

Great news for Europe’s peatlands! AC3A and its European partners in the Interreg Carbon Connects project have published a carbon crediting methodology for valuing these carbon and biodiversity rich areas.

This methodology is a real instruction manual to facilitate the emergence of new markets for payments for environmental services. The aim is to unlock new funds to finance rewetting, restoration, management and sustainable agriculture projects in drained or degraded peatlands.

For businesses, this method opens up great opportunities to make a financial contribution to improving the health of these high-stake areas. This contribution can be recognised through carbon credits calculated on a proven scientific basis and shared transparently in the method.

This cross-cutting framework developed for the North-West of Europe was also carried out in cooperation with the Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels (CEN). The CEN is responsible for the deployment in France of the carbon credit method with a view to national “Low Carbon Label” certification.

The methodological guide for peatland restoration and carbon credit certification can be consulted by clicking here.


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