Increase the share of renewable energies on farms in North-West Europe through the use of solar thermal energy


Renewable energy still only represents 17% of the EU’s energy consumption, ICaRE4Farms boost the use of solar thermal energy (STE) in farming in NWE to heat water (which represents 40% of energy consumed).


Watch this video about the project.

I4F will test next generation STE systems, a patented, reliable and affordable technology. Through this partnership, ICaRE4farms will set up ETF (EcoThermo Fengtech), in 4 agricultural sectors that require hot water to feed livestock (calves) and heat farm buildings (poultry, pigs) and greenhouses (horticulture).

The project focuses on:

  • Transnational cooperation to share good practices and implement the solution taking into account the features of each region and sector
  • Setting up 21 systèmes (4 pilot pilote sites and 17 with voucher support) to improve the economic model and validate the GHG cuts
  • The outcome of the monitoring will be fed into a feasibility assessment tool and a digital model of the STE system, including software for the farmers to manage the system.
  • The project partners will build a transnational network of distributors and installers to roll-out STE in NWE, to lead the market uptake.

Deliverables (work in progress)

Installation and monitoring of 4 pilot sites, in France, UK, Belgium and The Netherlands. Creation of an ICaRE4Farms community, setting up information actions and spreading information at conferences and political events. Organising visits to the pilot sites, training actions to use and maintain the STE systems. Production of reports and academic articles on project results, a market study on STE systems. Developing feasibility models and monitoring and analysis systems. In 5 years, the project will inspire the setting up of 321 STE systems in NEW (27kt of CO2 saved). After 10 years there will be 921 systems (92kt CO2 saved).

Follow the progress of the pilot site in France here.

Watch a video which explains how the solar thermal energy system works here.

ICaRE4Farms is funded (60%) by INTERREG North West Europe.

ICaRE4Farms at the SPACE Rennes 2022

ICaRE4Farms at the SPACE Rennes 2022 In September 2022, ICaRE4Farms had a stand at the SPACE international exhibition for animal breeding which takes place every year in Rennes, France. https://www.space.fr/…

Visit ICaRE4Farms at SPACE Rennes 2022

Visit ICaRE4Farms at SPACE Rennes 2022 ICaRE4Farms stand Discover solar thermal energy and its applications in agriculture 13, 14, 15 September 2022 – Rennes (France)   AC3A, the Regional Chamber…

Getting into hot water

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