Food Heroes

Improving resource efficiency through designing innovative solutions to reduce food waste


FAO estimates that each year one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is lost/wasted. This project focuses on the first parts of the chain responsible for 60% of EU’s food waste (FAO). The objective is to design and test innovative solutions to limit food losses. This is being facilitated by the collaboration between stakeholders on the following themes: fish, fruits and vegetables, male chickens and goats.


The project is enabling collaboration between the creative sector, agrifood sector, agriculture, knowledge institutes and public authorities can collaborate to design and test solutions for food waste. To ensure that the solutions will be long-lasting, the partners are using a common methodologie for the co-creation of innovative solutions and demonstration of good practices. The project partners therefore participate in international events such as the World Design Expo 2017 and have organised a competition to give international prizes to the most promising projects working on reducing food losses (Food Heroes Awards).

AC3A and the Regional Chamber of Pays de la Loire have been working specifically on two of the themes : finding solutions for fruit and vegetable losses – using unsold pumpkins in canteens, and also supporting a group of goat farmers in the setting up of a supply chain for “Autumn goat meat from Pays de la Loire” organising, for example, activities on this subject at the Nantes Food Forum 2018 and the Event of Tables de Nantes 2019.

Delivrables (to come)

A series of videos on the problems and solutions (Reducing food losses in farming FR EN, Anti-food waste soutions in agriculture FR EN), list of actors working to find solutions for food waste in Pays de la Loire, a study on fruits and vegetable losses, a feasibility study for the goat meat sector as well as a presentation and economic model for each of the potential solutions.

Food Heroes is funded (60%) by INTERREG Europe du Nord-Ouest